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Thanks so much to all of you for allowing us to spend time with your sons !  We realize that your sons are the most precious things on the planet to all of you, and we appreciate your continued love and support of them.  Thanks for guiding them each and every step of the way and for being positive role models for them.  One of the most rewarding aspects of coaching at Middletown High School is that our parents have consistently supported their sons while allowing the coaches to coach.

We are grateful that you constantly encourage your sons to be the best people, the best students, and the best players that they can be.  Thanks for making sure that they arrive to practices and games on time and for fixing late-night meals, providing transportation, washing their uniforms, and always being there for them.  Our players are extremely fortunate to have parents and families like you all.  THANKS SO MUCH !!

The following link is a great resource for all parents who have children that play sports.

Ten Commandments of Sports for Parents


Middletown High School Boys Basketball